Update on John Wylde

by Greg in

wylde1In what appears to be an exclusive, the South Coast Today newspaper is reporting that John Wylde, the beloved leader of the Wareham Gatemen, is cancer-free. CodBall has reported extensively on Mr. Wylde's battle with cancer, which had been described as inoperable. I am not sure if John Couture of the South Coast Today paper stumbled upon this story as part of his reporting on the new team in New Bedford or if this was an an intended update on Mr. Wylde's health.

It is curious that we have not seen any other report on the Gatemen website or in the Cape Cod Times, which has reported on his health in the past. My apologies if we have missed a report.

I have emailed Mr. Wylde for his own update. Either way, we continue to keep Mr. Wylde in our thoughts and prayers.