Countdown to College Baseball

by Greg in

Don't hate me for this, but Super Bowl Sunday is a joyous occasion for me because it means football is finally over and college baseball is only days away.  The Baseball America clock shows 17 days and counting until major college baseball gets underway.  Thank God! The College Baseball Blog is always your best source for up-to-the-minute news about what's happening in college baseball. I wouldn't have known about midnight baseball practice without it.

I've just been comparing Sporting News' rankings to Baseball America'sI've also looked at the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association preseason rankings. Of course there is no agreement except that Sporting News and BA agree that Texas is #4.

(I would like to the Sporting News college baseball section except that they make it impossible to do so. If someone wants to help me get to their magazine's excellent preseason section I will link to it but I can't seem to find it online.)

Sporting News selected North Carolina as #1. Baseball America believes Texas A&M is #1.  And NCBWA selected Arizona State. I continue to believe that AZ State is due, but it's hard to count the perenial powerhouse that is NC out.

The names on rosters of this year's collegiate preseason top 25 read like a Cape Cod League all-star list.