Rosters to date

by Greg in

By my count, only Chatham, Falmouth and Harwich are missing 2009 rosters. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Last season I note that we reported on Harwich's new roster on March 5 and Chatham's on March 24. With March blowing in next week perhaps we'll start to see some new rosters.

About this time every year I copy and paste the team rosters into a Microsoft Word document, which serves the purpose of placing all rosters in one place.  Through Word's "find" function I can then easily search for schools and players before I watch a regular season college game.

I have a complete set of rosters for every season in a Word document going back a few seasons so that I can also find Cape alums who still may be playing college or rookie ball.

Are there any new patterns in the timeliness of teams posting their rosters? I think Chatham and Harwich are often among the last, although I recall Orleans being late in the past.