Robbie Shields, the Cape and the Draft

by Greg in

robbie-shieldsWe don't often report on Division II college players. The Cape League leaders are usually from powerhouse Division I teams. But Baseball America's "Early Draft Preview" features a Division II talent they call the "Cape crusader." Dave kept a careful eye last year on this crusader, Robbie Shields, who was passed over by Miami and ended up playing for the Florida Southern Moccasins.  As Dave reported last year, Shields had a great, albeit short, Cape season last year with the Cotuit Kettleers.

Shields was injured after 10 games in the Cape League. He had been hitting .429 but finished shortly thereafter hitting .349 with two homers and 11 RBIs in just 43 at-bats.

"I always knew I could play wtih anybody and the Cape allowed me to prove it," Shields told Baseball America's Brian Chmielewski. "I really enjoyed the opportunity to prove everybody that doubted me wrong."

Cotuit head coach Mike Roberts called him the best position player in the league for the first part of the season last year.

The Mocs have sent the likes of Lance Niekro and Brett Tomko to the professional ranks, each of whom followed a similar path from Florida Southern, to the Cape and beyond.