Pitch Counts in the Bigs and the Cape

by Greg in

Big league managers and pitching coaches in the World Baseball Classic, like their colleagues in the Cape League, are learning the pain and the gain of having great pitching talent on their tournament squads but having to answer to coaches for the controlling teams. George Vecsey's column in today's New York Times observes that Team USA's pitching coach has a bunch of MLB pitching coaches on speed dial during the WBC.  Those controlling pitching coaches don't want their precious pitchers overworked -- or underworked.

All teams in the WBC must limit their starting pitchers to 70 pitches in the first round, and must then hold out those starters for four days with a sliding scale for fewer number of pitches. Little League has also introduced stringent pitch count rules, which as I can attest as a Little League coach add a degree of complexity.

How do Cape teams manage pitch counts with their prospects?