The economy and amateur baseball

by Greg in

dixonThe green Dixon, Calif., High School baseball uniforms caught my eye this past week on the cover of Education Week, the foremost chronicle of K-12 education in the country. Because of my work, I am a regular reader of EdWeek, but have never done a double-take upon seeing the cover. The focus of EdWeek's article is the fact that the economic crisis in America is threatening public school athletic programs.  The Dixon school district, for example, faces cuts of $3 million. The athletic program has a budget of $250,000 annually and therefore risks significant cuts.

Can scholastic baseball survive this economy?

Dixon makes its own case for athletics in these messages to the community.

One of the great coaches in history is Haverford College's men's cross country and track coach Tom Donnelly. In a New York Times interview last year Coach Donnelly says, "You can only justify the existence of a team at a college campus if being on the team benefits the athletes' education al experience."