Is the long ball on the rise in the Cape League?

by Greg in

Home runs in the CCBL on the rise?

Two seasons ago we reported on just-published statistics showing that Cape League home runs were steadily, though not dramatically, on the rise.  The late league statistician, John Wylde, had found that home runs increased from 178 total in 2002 to 204 in 2006.

I attempted this weekend to update those statistics by adding 2007 and 2008 stats.  There are some abnormalities in the stats as they appear on the league website, but by my calculations total league homeruns fell to 183 in 2007 but then jumped to a new high of 219 last season (2008).

Home runs in the major leagues also dropped off in 2007, according to Baseball Almanac.

There were some oddities on the Cape League stats page.  For example, Hyannis' total team stats for 2007 do not appear with those of other teams.  I went to the Hyannis website to find 22 home runs by the team in 2007. In 2008, the home run total for Bourne shows 10 but when I added the column I found 13 home runs.

Home run averages by team continue to bounce between about 18 and just over 20 per season. The 2008 season saw an average of 21.9.

As an aside, a league fan has taken player stats for the past 10 seasons and created a very fun dice baseball game that I've been playing for the past week. I will post later this month and likely produce a new CodBall Conversation with the creator. Stay tuned.