A Few Thoughts

by Dave B. in

With all teams having played only five games, it's too early in the season to see trends or make predictions. But, I'm bored and I don't want to do any of the work that I should be doing, so here are just a few observations..... With 25 games having been played in the league, there have already been five shutouts. Sporting a team batting average of .186 through their first five games, defending champion Harwich has been shutout in two of their last three games.

Sorry Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, but with the weather we have been experiencing, how many players from other parts of the country are calling home and telling mom and dad they can't imagine why anyone would want to vacation here??

Highly-touted Derek Dietrich (Wareham; Georgia Tech) has gotten off to a slow start. Dietrich is batting .150 with one RBI and five strikeouts in his first 20 AB. I'm betting we will see a big improvement in those numbers soon.

It's only a matter of time before I type "A's" or "Cardinals."

The Bourne, Cotuit and Wareham pitching staffs have yet to give up a homerun. Orleans' Matt Hiserman (San Francisco) has given up three homers in just four innings.

I know I said it's too early to be doing this, but there does seem to be some parity in the league. There are no undefeated or winless teams, and there have already been seven one-run games. There have also been three tie games, but don't get me started on the topic of tie games. There's no crying in baseball and there shouldn't be tie games in baseball either. Nuff said.

Speaking of the weather, depending on who we want to believe, some local forecasters are saying that we may not see the sun until Tuesday. It's not supposed to rain steadily all the time for the next five days, but it's looking like it will be wet for much of the time. Pay no attention to the animals lining up two-by-two to get on board that boat in Hyannis Harbor.

Last year, Cotuit was tied for fifth in the league in stolen bases with 46  -  a surprisingly low number given Mike Roberts' propensity for the running game. It should come as no surprise that the Kettleers are at the top in that category this year, but they are taking it to an extreme. Cotuit has swiped 29 bases, an average of almost six per game. They have more than double the number of stolen bases of the next closest team (Orleans, 14). 

The probable starting pitchers in tonight's College World Series elimination game are Matt Harvey (North Carolina/Chatham '08, '09) and  Seth Blair (Arizona State/Cotuit '08, '09). UNC seems certain to go with Harvey, although he hasn't pitched since May 29. ASU's choice as starter is less certain. Jason Franzblau (Hyannis '07, '08) and Jordan Swagerty (Wareham '09) have also been mentioned as possible starters in this game. Swagerty is listed as a catcher on Wareham's roster but he has pitched in 24 games for the Sun Devils this year. The game, featuring many other Cape Leaguers, can be seen on ESPN 2 at 7:00 ET.