Rain-outs lead to CCBL policy changes

by Greg in

Paul GalopThe long stretch of rain on the Cape which has led to many rain-outs this season forced league commissioner Paul Galop last night to issue a series of policy changes designed to balance player health with the need to get games and the playoffs completed within a reasonable time. Rather than try to interpret and analyze here, I have included below the commissioner's full report which merits a complete read. The most intriguing to me is the hint that playoffs may need to start later than expected. The letter below was released around 7 pm last night via email to the media and other league followers:

Good evening everyone. How exciting that we have actually played baseball for two days now? I have been discussing this very issue with many team and league officials trying to get a feel for what is a reasonable and sensible course of action with many days of games in front of us without “off days”. Realizing that not everyone will agree on any given topic, we need to consider what is in the best interests of the League with the following priorities:

1.       The safety of the players is of paramount importance to maintain our reputation and standing with college coaches who trust us with their student-athletes.

2.       The adjustments that we make going forward are fair and equitable to all ten teams without any one team gaining an unfair advantage.

Having said that and respecting numerous and opposing opinions on these matters, the following directives will be implemented effective immediately:

1.       Doubleheaders or "twin-bills" will be seven scheduled innings for both games.

2.       Once the final rosters are submitted on or before noon on July 1st, besides the normal moves that each team can make, one additional move will be added to that.

3.       Once the final rosters are submitted on or before noon on July 1st, those "moves" can be transacted at any time rather than waiting until the rosters go below 25 as per past practices. 

Other Considerations 

There are other additional procedures we could consider if we continue to run into issues such as, but not limited to the weather. They include:

 1.       Consider emergency moves later in the season to ensure League credibility.

2.       Consider moving one or two complete schedule of games from the middle of a long stretch of games to the end of the schedule, realizing that we currently have about three days to play with on that end. This would mean the playoffs would start slightly later. Those new "off" days would be sacred and not available for play, only rest.

We think this is a well thought out and logical approach to a dilemma that we have never encountered before and keeps the health of the players in the forefront while affording each team the same opportunities. As with many policies and procedures, there may be loopholes that are not apparent at this time. So, please remember the spirit in which these changes are implemented.

Thanks for your patience.

Paul Galop

CCBL Commissioner