CodBall All-Star Gathering at Fenway

by Greg in

Fenway Park The CodBall team would like to invite Cape League blog readers and fans who attend the All-Star game at Fenway on July 23 to stop by Section Field Box 79 along the left field line.

I'll be buying  a few beers and hope you might stop by to say hello. Andrew and I will be there, and we hope Dave and Pat can join us as well.

The gates open at 3 pm and the game starts at 7:05.  We'll be there in our CodBall t-shirts from 5 pm till 6 pm.

I've invited the Cape League brass to stop and I have some indication that a few will. So hope the CodBall faithful can make a showing.  Don't worry if you are an anonymous commenter. We don't know who you are so just stop by and use whatever name you want!