Sunday Afternoon in Falmouth

by Greg in

white caps logoMy son and I made our way to Falmouth this afternoon for the 3 pm make-up game against the Brewster White Caps. The weather could not have been nicer for game one of this double-header -- blue skies, gentle breeze and bright sunshine. Kyle BlairThe sparse crowd was treated to a pitcher's duel between Brewster's Kyle Blair (San Diego, right) and Whichita State's Jordan Cooper. Blair was the more dominant, striking out 11  over the course of 6 innings and giving up just one run. The White Caps held on to win it 2-1, and Falmouth won game two 3-0.

According to this summer's make-up rules these games run just 7 innings.

Cooper was almost as strong, throwing 5 innings, striking out 3 and giving up just 4 hits and one run. A pair of community college guys, Mitch Morman and Patrick Cooper came in to pitch an inning apiece. Both looked very strong. Morman's one run was unearned in my view. His slider or slurve in the dirt appeared tough to handle for Falmouth's catcher, fellow Tulsan Chris O'brien.

Tyler Thornburg (Charleston Southern) closed out the game for Brewster with a 1-2-3 7th.  He had two strike-outs.

Offensively, Brewster's Jedd Gyorko (West Virginia) scored both White Cap runs. He reached on a double in the 4th and a single in the 6th.  I believe Daniel Butler drove in both runs, the first on a double and the second on a sacrifice to centerfield after Gyorko advanced on two consecutive passed balls.

On non-baseball matters, I am impressed with Falmouth's plans for a new press box. The roughly $250,000 project could catapult Falmouth's already competitive franchise into the vanguard of the league. I bought a brick this afternoon to support the vision. Hope readers will get behind this important project.

I will be on the Falmouth broadcast next Sunday night.

Final note, the scouts were out en force at Falmouth today. As the only day game, all of the leagues scouts took in this game. They crowded around the field house's shade throughout the afternoon.