Game 2 CCBL 2009 Championship

by Greg in

Roller at the Ready last night against Cotuit in Game 1. (Photo courtesy of I've read all the coverage now about yesterday's Bourne victory over Cotuit. 15-5, fog, depleted pitching, Braves hitting. Got it. The Braves do appear to be on the cusp of a spectacular championship, and they deserve full kudos. In fact, I wrote in my preseason piece that they were emerging as one of the great franchises in the league.

But I continue to wonder if Mike Roberts doesn't have some surprises up his sleeve for the hometown crowd in Cotuit this afternoon.

Here is what the Cotuit website says this morning:

One positive the Kettleers can take from the loss is the shortened game spared the remainder of their pitching staff from working through innings without guarantee of a comeback.

“We weren’t looking to save any pitching, but in this situation I think it probably helped both clubs,” Roberts said.

It's not clear to me who the teams will throw tonight. If I've missed that please let us know.

I do know the pitching is short. As I walked through the woods into the Cotuit bullpen last week for the game against Wareham, one of the guys said, "I've been since day one. I want to go home."

I can't blame them. This is a long summer season, probably the first time they've been away from home for this amount of time.

Let's hope for at least a more even, complete game this afternoon. Enjoy!