The hits keep coming... thanks to you

by Greg in

CodBall, which celebrates its third year this month, has almost never stopped to ponder its own existence. We write about baseball, not blogging. Three seasons ago when I wrote the first post for CodBall, I had no idea how long it would last. As I explained then, I just wanted an outlet for my thoughts and prodigious reading on the topic of baseball. Much to my family's bemusement and then disappointment I kept on writing, joined with Andrew, then Dave, and we collectively kept writing.

The other day I glanced at our blog dashboard, which is where we do the behind the scenes work on this blog. I noticed we passed over 2400 comments and are approaching our 500th post. Whether you're counting homers or articles, 500 is a lot.

In a recent email, Andrew let our CodBall crew know that this past season we had 20,000 visits to the site. We had over 8,000 readers. On average you spend over two minutes on the site reading through the content, which is pretty good as websites go. We average 321 visitors a day (again, I'll take a .321 average any day!).

In addition to the site, we have also seen an impresive amount of listeners to our CodBall Conversations podcast, which is featured on iTunes. We're just about to release our 24th episode, and we have interviewed everyone from the legendary John Wylde to Cotuit's Ivan "Have a Hit!" Partridge. Our partnership with WCAI keeps Cape NPR listeners in touch with the league, and provides high quality content for the podcast.

So, as we reflect on the 2009 season and look ahead to 2010, we wanted to pause and say thanks for sticking with us. We've made our fair share of mistakes along the way and there are more mistakes ahead of us. But baseball is a game of failure, so long as you succeed a quarter to a third of the time at the plate.