Joey Wong: Beaver, Commodore, Dust Devil

by Greg in

One of the great satisfactions we get from writing CodBall is watching Cape League players succeed in college and eventually the pros. I watched two games this week between the Yakima Bears (Diamondbacks) and the Tri-City Dust Devils (Rockies). The Dust Devils are in contention and the Bears are definitely not. The Devils won both games, which were close.

There are a few prospects on both teams, but I was really there to see Joey Wong who we enjoyed watching for two seasons in Falmouth.

Joey continues his wizardry at short-stop for the Dust Devils and continues to struggle at the plate. But last night he went 2-for-4, and drew oohs and aahs from the crowd in the 6th inning when he went deep into the hole for a backhand stab and then like lightning threw out Yakima's Matt Helm. It was vintage Joey Wong. It is what his teammates in Falmouth used to tease him about. They would act out his dazzling glove plays as if they were from Bruce Lee martial arts  moves.

After the game I had a chance to chat briefly with Joey. He had one word to describe his two seasons on the Cape. A "blast" he told me.

I filmed his blast tonight for YouTube. Enjoy!