Poll: Franchise of the Decade

by Andrew in ,

To close out the year, we invite you to vote for which team you think was the top franchise of the 2000s. As a quick refresher, below are the championship results from the past 10 years. One thing that strikes me is that the championship series only went to a third game three times in the past decade.

  • 2009: Bourne Braves won series 2-0 vs. Cotuit Kettleers
  • 2008: Harwich Mariners won series 2-0 vs. Cotuit Kettleers
  • 2007: Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox won series 2-0 vs. Falmouth Commodores
  • 2006: Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox won series 2-1 vs. Wareham Gatemen
  • 2005: Orleans Cardinals won series 2-1 vs. Bourne Braves
  • 2004: Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox won series 2-0 vs. Falmouth Commodores
  • 2003: Orleans Cardinals won series 2-0 vs. Bourne Braves
  • 2002: Wareham Gatemen won series 2-0 vs. Orleans Cardinals
  • 2001: Wareham Gatemen won series 2-1 vs. Chatham A's
  • 2000: Brewster Whitecaps won series 2-0 vs. Hyannis Mets

But championship rings don't tell the whole story. What about regular season points over the decade? I plugged in the point totals and came up with this graph (click to make it larger):

Point totals in the 2000s

With two championships and the greatest number of points, Orleans looks like a top contender for franchise of the decade. But, there's also Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (aka the Y-Dynasty) with three championships and the 2nd most points. And then there's Chatham with no championships to show for it, but a great list of alumni including Evan Longoria and NL Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan, a really bad movie, and a book (Note: the last two probably shouldn't factor in your decision!). Leading the West in points, Wareham also had two championships with the legendary John Wylde at the helm.

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