2010 Preview: Brewster Whitecaps

by Andrew in

Field Manager Tom Myers (UCSB) and 3B Harold Martinez (Miami) are both returning for their second season with the Whitecaps. Both will play huge roles in determining the outcome of Brewster's 2010. Martinez seems to have improved greatly, and batted .298 with 19 home runs this spring. The "fun-loving" sophomore should be a staple in the Brewster lineup. UPDATE: Martinez will likely miss all of June due to an injury.

Joining Martinez near the cleanup spot will probably be Troy Channing (St. Mary's). Channing hit .310 with 15 home runs. Both Martinez and Channing are third basemen, so it will be interesting to see who will shift over in the infield.

To Red Sox fans, one name sticks out on the Whitecaps: Luke Bard (Georgia Tech). Luke is the brother of Daniel Bard (former Gatemen) and Jared Bard (who played for the Whitecaps but went undrafted). Luke is coming off a less-than-stellar freshman season pitching exclusively in relief, so he will look to improve on the Cape this summer.

On the mound, the Whitecaps don't have any starters with significant experience. Statistically, Jake Barrett (Arizona State) impresses with a 3.18 ERA and 42 strikeouts in only 28.1 innings.

As Right Field Fog notes, there are only four freshman and the Whitecaps are banking on the experience of 22 sophomores and 2 juniors.With disappointing seasons the last couple of years for the Whitecaps, I hope that it works.