A Look at Some Numbers and a Few Rambling Thoughts

by Dave B. in

I thought I was going to like the new Pointstreak statistics service. I'm glad I reserved the right to change my mind. There are some good features, but there are also some glitches. A few times I have checked the status of games and have seen the in-game report go from the 9th inning directly to the 13th inning...  even when the game really did end in the 9th. Don't know why that would happen, but I have seen it three or four times. As of this afternoon, the standings page shows that Falmouth and Harwich have played 14 games. This is because the Pointstreak in-game report shows that 20 hours after last night's game began, the Commodores and Mariners are still only in the 6th inning. The game was never updated, thus the standings don't show it as a completed game. At 11-4, the Brewster Whitecaps have the best record in the league. They have thrown 4 shutouts and have yet to be held scoreless in a game. So far, the Whitecaps have shown they can win the close ones. They are 5-0 in one-run games.

After hosting Chatham tomorrow night, Harwich will have played 11 of their first 16 games at Whitehouse Field. The Mariners have not been able to take advantage of those home games as they have struggled to a 5-10 start.

It is good to look at the standings and see that there has been just one game that has ended in a tie. Chatham and Cotuit played to a 4-4 tie in the second game of a doubleheader. By rule, all doubleheader games are limited to 9 innings. 

Speaking of Cotuit, the Kettleers are 3-2-1 at Lowell Park but they are a dismal 1-8 on the road.

Wareham and Orleans have found it difficult to win in front of the home fans. The Gatemen are 1-6 at Spillane Field while the Firebirds are 2-6 at Eldredge Park.

In a scheduling quirk, division rivals Chatham and Y-D do not meet until July 12. The Anglers and Red Sox then play four times in eight days. One day after Y-D plays Chatham for the first time, the Red Sox are scheduled to play Orleans for the sixth and final time in the regular season series between those two teams. Falmouth and Wareham don't play each other until July 7. When Brewster and Harwich play their annual Fourth of July game, that will mark the first time those teams meet. Hyannis travels to Doran Park to play Bourne in their first matchup tomorrow night.  

Right behind Brewster's 5-0 mark, Chatham has won all four one-run games they have been involved in. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Cotuit is 1-6 in one-run games.

It may not mean much, but the East leads the West 27-16-1 in inter-divisional play so far. Brewster is 7-1 against Western teams. Wareham is 1-7 against the East.

Orleans has only played 5 games against teams in their own division, winning just once.

Is there a little more offense in the league this summer? Bourne and Falmouth rank last in the league in team batting with a .219 avg. Usually there are teams with a lower average than that. Also, no team has an ERA under 2.00. OK, I'm really cutting it close there because Brewster is sitting right at the 2.00 mark.

The opposition is batting just .186 against Bourne's pitching staff.

Y-D has stolen 29 bases and Red Sox runners have been caught just 3 times. Through 14 games, Chatham has only swiped two bases. The runnin' Anglers have only attempted 4 steals.

The teams from the East hold down the top five spots in team batting average.

What does any of this mean? Probably not much. It is only intended as a fun look at the numbers and they may very well look much different even just a week from now.

According to the boxscore from last night's Brewster game, Anthony Ranaudo will make his next start on Friday night when the Whitecaps travel to Bourne. For anyone planning to catch a game that Ranaudo pitches, don't take that to the bank. Pitchings rotations are subject to change so check the league website!! I only mention this because it reminds me of Ben McDonald, the 1989 Golden Spikes Award winner who was picked number one overall in the MLB draft by Baltimore that same year. When McDonald pitched for Orleans in the late 80's, team management only allowed McDonald to pitch at Eldredge Park because of the larger crowds that turned out to see him pitch.  Maybe no one would fault Brewster if they held Ranaudo back so that the Whitecaps would get the larger donations that come with attracting bigger crowds, but I'm glad Brewster is allowing Ranaudo to pitch on his regular schedule without regard to where the team is playing.