More Trouble For Whitecaps

by Dave B. in

On July 16, the Brewster Whitecaps were rolling along with a 20-8 record. Not only did it look like they would wrap up a playoff berth at a very early date, but it seemd a pretty good bet that the Whitecaps would be a favorite in the playoffs, with a very good chance of delivering the first championship to Brewster since 2000. Fast forward to the present and things don't look so promising for the Whitecaps. First, Anthony Ranaudo packed up his 3-0 record and 0.00 ERA and left the Cape. A few days later, Mike Palazzone (1-1; 1.67 ERA) departed Brewster. Now we get word from Whitecaps broadcaster Zack Levine that Andrew Gagnon (5-1; 2.15 ERA) has shoulder soreness and will miss his scheduled start on Friday against Wareham. On top of that, Levine is reporting that Daniel Renken's (1-2; 4.34 ERA) stint on the Cape is over. After lasting only 4 innings against Chatham tonight in a game the Anglers eventually won 6-2, Renken is heading home to "discuss future plans." 

The playoff berth is still a near certainty. Brewster has 45 points. Last place Chatham has 35 pts. It is hard to see any way that Brewster could plummet out of a playoff spot in this last week of the regular season. What has changed is the expectation of what Brewster might be able to do once the playoffs begin. The Whitecaps are heading in the wrong direction with just 2 wins in their last 10 games. Ranaudo, Palazzone, Gagnon and Renken account for 10 of Brewster's 22 wins. Brewster is now facing a battle of attrition as they try to piece together a starting rotation that can get the team deep in the playoffs. The season that once looked so promising is now filled with question marks.