Post Updated

by Dave B. in

Sometimes folks read this blog and only look at the posts that are new from the last time they visited. That's understandable, but sometimes comments are added that correct, or provide clarification to something that was reported in an earlier post. On Monday, I posted an article titled "Hey, Thanks a Lot, Coach!" Earlier today, Fred Katz, broadcaster for the Brewster Whitecaps, contacted me to express his thoughts and to share the context in which Whitecaps coach Tom Myers made the comment that was the basis for the post. I am putting this out as a separate post  for those who may be interested, but who would otherwise miss what Fred had to say if they didn't return to the original post. To see Fred's comment, please go to the original post (dated August 9) and read the third comment. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming with Cotuit leading Yarmouth-Dennis, 1-0.