Hiring and Firing Managers

by Greg in

Little Kennesaw State made news this week by upsetting Georgia Tech in basketball. More interesting for baseball fans is Kennesaw State's economics professor, J.C. Bradbury, who this week published a new study entitled Hired to be Fired: The Publicity Value of Managers. Do you think players perform better for new managers? The facts show they don't.  But we fans sure like new managers.

Bradbury's new paper made The Wall Street Journal's weekend edition. Here is the new research paper's abstract:

Sports teams frequently fire and hire managers when they experience losing. However, determining managerial responsibility for player performance is difficult to measure. This study examines how major-league baseball players perform under different managers and estimates that managers have little effect on performance. The study further investigates whether or not replacing managers serves as a signal to fans that the team is improving, which boosts attendance. The results indicate that new managers were associated with increased attendance in the 2000s; however, such effects were not present in the 1980s and 1990s.

CodBall has written about Bradbury before. A few years back he published the Baseball Economist and he writes regulary for his Sabernomics blog.