Our Man in the Dominican

by Greg in

Readers will recall that in late November and early December I made a baseball pilgrimage to the Dominican Republic. Friend, author and former New York Times and Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Verhovek also recently completed a baseball tour of the DR and sends CodBall a few video postcards. Sam is author of Jet Age: the Comet, the 707, and the RAce to Shrink the World.

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by Sam Howe Verhovek

SANTO DOMINGO, DR -- One of the many things I love about watching baseball in the DR is how it somehow combines the intimacy of a Cape Cod League game with the intensity -- and noise -- of an MLB play-off.

I've also noticed a fair number of younger U.S. players on these teams, which I hope is an amazing cross-cultural experience for each and every one.  Has anyone ever done a cross-check to see how many CCBL alumni have also played later in the Dominican winter league?

Click here to see Sam's videos on YouTube.