The 2012 Draft

by Greg Lowder in

It was around this time last year we heard the rumblings surrounding the potentially historic quality of the 2011 draft.  With that draft in our rearview mirror, we're already starting to hear about to the 2012 draft. Like many, my goto sources for draft and minor league baseball coverage are, among others, ESPN Insider's Keith Law, everybody at Baseball America, Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus, and John Sickels and his outstanding community of fans at SBNation's

Earlier today, Keith Law broke the ice on the 2012 draft by posting several names to keep an eye on in the next twelve months.  Of the 28 college players listed, 23 are supposed to play on the Cape this summer.  Needless to say, we have a long summer of top notch baseball ahead of us.  If you're a member of ESPN Insider, click here and give Keith's post a read.  It'll help you get a better idea on who to focus on this summer.

I'm sorry to keep this post short,'s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Let's go B's!