Looking Down the Stretch... Thoughts From CapeMan

by Dave B. in

The following commentary was written by CapeMan and posted as "comments" to an article I wrote on July 17. Most people who were going to read that article have already read it and thus would not likely get to see CapeMan's comments. For that reason, I have deleted CapeMan's comments from my article and I have copied and pasted them here as their own separate article in order to give his comments the visibility they may not otherwise receive. Thank-you for your contributions, CapeMan.  


A few random thoughts as we head down the stretch of this lightning fast season:

1.  I think just about any team that makes the playoffs can win it all.  Nothing against Hyannis, who is probably the favorite and whom I'm happy for after a tough last few years, but there is no dominant team and anyone that gets a couple quality starts in a best of 3 playoff round can win any series.

2.  Victor Roache just never seems to struggle.  Every year players tend to "come down to earth''; especially in this wooden bat era of the CCBL but his homer on Friday night now puts him at, or tied for the lead in each of the triple crown categories.

3.  Overooked some, perhaps because of Roache, is the season Travis Jankowski is having at Bourne.  Ditto for Dane Phillips in Chatham

4.  Why isn't Scott Firth starting the ASG for the West? Hyannis has best record in the league and he is slightly better than Eades in most categories.

5.  Just at it will be interesting watch the news during the MLB trading deadline, and what everyone says will be a flurry of NFL transactions this week, what players will leave the Cape after the ASG this Friday?  It is always interesting to watch.

6.  Don't look now but Orleans has won 6 of 10 and is right in thick of things in the East.; as is Yarmouth-Dennis.  Trevor Gott has been lights out as the Firebirds closer and a good reason to look out for Orleans down the stretch.  I thought losing Marcus Stroman would hurt Orleans...maybe it did early on...but Gott has been terrific.

7.  I think the coverage of the league is slowly getting better media-wise and on the internet but one critique I have is what seems to be a huge focus on Cotuit...a last place team.  I counted the current stories on on the Cape Cod Times website and if you goto the CCBL tab in the sports section, you can see all of the stories/headlines going back to July 9th.  Since that time, 30 stories have been posted. 11 of them either feature the Kettleers or include the Kettleers as the top game that is recapped on that day. (I'm sure there are others but can't confirm before July 9th.)  The league website also features Cotuit stories 4 times since the beginning of the year.  I'm not sure the reason and I'm not going to speculate but there seems to be a leaning towards the Cotuit players and organization.

8.  It was mentioned early on the season about the # of players from smaller and different schools making an impact in the CCBL.  The ASG roster reflects that with players chosen from William & Mary, Stony Brook (2), Georgia Southern, Evansville, Mt. Olive and Central Michigan.