Quick Thoughts Heading Into The 2011 ASG

by Greg Lowder in

Sorry for the hiatus, folks.  I'm back. With a ticket to the Cape League All Star game burning a hole in my pocket, I figure I'd share a couple random thoughts...mostly about the CCBL:

* When following the players in the CCBL, it's important to distance yourself from their statistics, which is ironic considering the advances made in baseball statistics.  The fact is, a full season on the Cape is too small a sample size to draw conclusions.  A sudden hot or cold streak will play games with a player's stats and lead to inaccurate conclusions.

* While keeping that in mind, I'm not sold on Victor Roache (Cotuit).  The general rule of thumb in player evaluation is to never root against a player so please don't take my opinion as actively rooting against a player because I would never do such a thing.  When I watch Roache, I see a physical freak with an ability to hit a fastball a mile, and the ability to swing through breaking balls by that same approximate distance.  I'd love to see him be the Cape's first Triple Crown winner but his trouble recognizing offspeed stuff is going to make it difficult.

* There may not be a player with a wider spread between his current ability and his ceiling than Harwich outfielder Austin Wilson (Stanford).  Since I labeled Roache a physical freak, I'm not sure what to call Wilson as he bests Roache by a few inches.  He's enormous and so physically gifted that it's impossible not to get excited about his potential.  The ball jumps off his bat more than any player on the Cape but he's still so raw.  He consistently drops his back shoulder and that doesn't allow him to fully tap into his power potential.  He's my pick to win the Home Run Derby tomorrow night.  Look out Lansdowne Street.

* It's too bad Cotuit's Deven Marrero (Arizona State) will not be playing tomorrow night.  He's fun to watch and has the chance of being the first shortstop drafted next summer.  Marrero takes a professional approach to the plate but his hit tool, and especially his power, lags behind his glove.  He's a true shortstop and it's impossible to find a scout projecting him to move off the position.

* Bourne's Tommy Coyle (UNC) has a younger brother, Sean, in the Red Sox system.  He's making progress in his first season of pro ball.

* What's everybody's take on the beginning of the new seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, and Entourage?  My opinion: Breaking Bad is the only show I'll put even remotely close to, "The Wire."  The first two episodes this season have been phenomenal.  The same goes for Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Larry David is a genius.  Entourage....awful.

* As I said earlier, it's important to not overreact to a player's performance on the Cape.  There's still a long way to go before the 2012 draft.  A player's stock will rise and fall many times between now and next June let alone June of 2013 when most of the Cape's freshman will be eligible.

* That brings us to Chatham third baseman Kris Bryant (San Diego).  Bryant entered the 2010 draft as a light-tower power-hitting high school shortstop although due to his size a move to third was inevitable.  He moved to third at San Diego and led the team in hitting before his disastrous season on the Cape.  He's been awful.  So what happened?  Since the beginning of June, did his talent evaporate?  Is he now a non-prospect?  Of course not.  Bryant is pressing at the plate and he looks worn down from a a long college season and a summer on the Cape.  Scouts will certainly take note of his struggles this summer but they're also keeping track of how he's handled himself.  This summer will be quickly forgotten if he returns to San Diego and rakes in the spring and, fingers crossed, puts together a strong season next summer for Chatham.

* I can't give the Cape League's organizers enough credit for putting together another great summer of baseball and tomorrow night's All Star festivities.  I have no idea who will announce the game tomorrow on television but while watching a recent Dodgers game and listening to "The Legend That Is" Vin Scully, I couldn't help but think that he would be the perfect announcer tomorrow night.  I know there's a better chance Tim McCarver actually contributes something meaningful to a game's broadcast than to have Vin Scully on the Cape's broadcast someday but one can hope, can't they?

* The scouts love Bourne third baseman Colin Moran (UNC).  He's had a strong season to back-up his ACC Freshman Of The Year award.

* Seeing how the playoffs are around the corner, anybody care to make a prediction about the rest of the season?  I'm going to go out on a limb: YD is going to take home the crown.

* I'll be at the game tomorrow night.  I'll post on Twitter @codball where I'm sitting if you feel like dropping by.  Enjoy.