Gone fishin'

by Greg in

Merry Christmas, summer league fans! This fall I started a new blog about fly fishing. I started the blog about fly fishing because I fell in love with the sport a couple years ago. The bug bit me hard.

I haven't been bit this hard since I first laid eyes on the Cape Cod Baseball League. This blog was my outlet for summer college baseball, and Flyrod Nimrod is my outlet for fly fishing. The net result is that I've been fishing a whole lot more than I've been writing about baseball.

Speaking of fish and Cape Cod, did you know that True Cod is the fish found in the Pacific Northwest? When I became a co-owner of the Walla Walla Sweets in the West Coast League I thought about starting a new baseball blog called True CodBall! Truth is I love all summer college leagues, and the Cape will always be my first true love.

I started CodBall in those ancient times before Facebook and Twitter. Blogging was the cool new thing. The Cape Cod Times was the only source of regular coverage, and you had to wait until late at night or the next day's paper to learn even a little bit about the day's games, plays and stats.

Today, every team has its own social media strateg. And the League has stepped up to provide better coverage. So Cape League junkies like me can follow the league in person or online all the time. Will over at Right Field Fog continues to do an absolutely fabulous job writing deeply (and, importantly, independently about the league).

So whither CodBall? What's a guy to do? I emailed my co-editors at CodBall recently and proposed we have a conference call to talk about the next phase of our little blog. We're going to do that early in the New Year.

In this new era of social media, I'd love to get your input before we plan. What should we be producing to engage Cape League fans?

I'd love to hear your ideas. Many of you are lifelong fans of the Cape Leage. Many of you work for the league or for a team. What would you like to see more of?

  • Player interviews -- We used to produce CodBall Conversations, interviews with players for iTunes.
  • Online polls -- a question of the day that would survey league fans.
  • Essays -- more thought pieces by guest authors on summer college baseball
  • Fights -- more provocative and controversial debates about issues inside the league?
  • Start earlier -- cover more Cape League prospects. Who are the top high school players and coaches that ought to be in the Cape League?

Let us know what you think -- about fishing or baseball.