Quick Hits

by Dave B. in

CodBall will be providing more college baseball information starting this week. Until now, I have been using Twitter for some of that info (@capeleague) but we will be taking a look around the nation to see what former and future Cape Leaguers are doing. Speaking of Twitter, I know I'm using it too much when I want to put "@" before anything that I type. Having no real allegiance to any particular college team, I admit to getting a kick out of seeing Holy Cross take a game from Texas A&M last Saturday when the Aggies were ranked as high as #4 at the time. Actually, the Crusaders came close to taking the weekend series as A&M escaped with a 3-2 win in 11 innings the night before. Some others that caught my attention?  How 'bout Appalachian State taking a series from LSU? The Mountaineers beat the Tigers 1-0 on Saturday and clobbered them 11-1 on Sunday. Yesterday, Louisiana Tech beat Vanderbilt, 9-3, dropping the Commodores to a 1-7 start to their season. In fairness to Vandy, they deserve credit for scheduling the big boys (at Stanford, Oregon) rather than Cupcake U. as so many other teams do. It may be time to worry if the 'Dores don't perform well against Rhode Island this coming weekend.

Wonder if there is a chance that Victor Roache returns to the Cape this summer if the wrist that he recently broke heals in time? Roache was to have surgery on the wrist today. Most reports seem to indicate that Roache will miss the rest of  Georgia Southern's season. If he is a fast healer, will he return to the Cape to test the wrist? Roache was named  Outstanding Pro Prospect while starring for Cotuit last summer.

All of the team rosters were put on the league website in January but Yarmouth-Dennis (http://www.ydredsox.org/roster.html) and Orleans (http://www.orleansfirebirds.com/roster/) have recently posted updated rosters to their websites. This leaves Falmouth as the lone team not to have a roster on their site.

Bill Plaschke recently wrote a heartwarming story on Cory Hahn in the Los Angeles Times. Hahn is the young man who was paralyzed while playing for Arizona State last year. Prior to the injury, he was on the Yarmouth-Dennis roster. Here is the link to that story:  http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-0226-plaschke-cory-hahn-20120226,0,2164984.column

Another article to catch my attention is from the San Jose Mercury News where AP Sports Writer Eric Olson reports that the Big 10 may alter  its season to, in effect, be its own summer league. Do I think it will happen? No, but if Minnesota coach John Anderson has his way, it could. Here is the link to the story: http://www.mercurynews.com/college-sports/ci_20070479      

Could the day come when the Big 10 might not be the only league playing into July? Every so often, talk surfaces about pushing back the college baseball season. Obviously, this would badly hurt all summer leagues. Seems like there is a discussion on that topic again as national writers Aaron Fitt, Will Kimmey and Kendall Rogers have been having quite a "conversation" about that on Twitter.

The Cape League season opens up 15 weeks from today!