NCAA baseball, MLB in talks

by Greg in

CBS this week reported that the NCAA is in talks with Major League Baseball to form a partnership that would address growing concerns and help to advance the sport. The results of these talks have implications for summer collegiate leagues like Cape Cod and the West Coast League. In fact, I believe MLB should be in talks not just with the NCAA but also with the summer leagues, where top prospects are playing in front of pro scouts. The summer leagues are where future MLB players are tested with a rigorous daily schedule, long bus rides, top pitching and hitting and wooden bats.

The Cape currently receives some limited MLB support. That support should grow and expand to the other top amateur summer leagues.

The CBS report indicates that there could be an agreement to use wood bats in the college game.

Speculation also  includes the MLB investing in more scholarships and aligning the professional draft with the College World Series, presumably to boost interest for broadcast.

MLB is said to be concerned with diversity in our sport. The number of African American players in college baseball is at its lowest level since 2007. This blog has written about this issue over the past 5 years.

I'd be interested in hearing readers' thoughts after they've had a chance to read the CBS report.