Got shift?

by Greg in

Today's New York Times features an interesting analysis of the defensive shift Joe Maddon has already used 153 times this season. The Milwaukee Brewers increased defensive shifts from 22 in 2010 to 170 in 2011 to save themselves 56 runs (and a NCLS bid). For the uninitiated, the infield or defensive shift can be read about here.

"As a hitter, when you look up and you see the field presented differently to you than it's been since you were 5 or 6 years old, that could matter," said Maddon. "Do I actually hit the ball like that?' You don't even realize it sometimes. Any time you can raise the level of doubt, it's always a good thing."

If the Cape League is preparing kids to play in the Big Show, will we see more defensive shifts this season on the Cape and in other summer leagues?