Harbor Hawks Slide Past Anglers on Monday Night, 8-4

by Andrew in

It's the 4th of July week, and Cape games are busier than usual. With an official attendance of 2144 at Veteran's Field on Monday 7/2/12, the Harbor Hawks upset the home favorites. With both teams' batting averages hovering around .220, this game came down to errors and pitching. When opportunity struck, the Harbor Hawks took advantage and took the win 8-4. Chatham on Monday night 7/2/12

Here are my highlights (no particular order):

  • Chatham's Aaron Brown (Pepperdine) struggled with his control in the top of the 5th, hitting 3 Harbor Hawks in a row. This led to 4 runs and paved the way for an unsurmountable Hyannis lead. Before the night, Brown had pitched 3.2 innings with 4 strikeouts. Clearly this was simply one bad outing  and I expect him to bounce back. To my surprise, both teams actually hit 5 batters each. Brown wasn't the only one with control issues.
  • The radar guns went up for Hyannis' Peter Miller (Florida State) in the 9th inning. In his 2nd game, Peter struck out two and seems to have locked down the Harbor Hawks closer spot.
  • Chatham's Michael Fransoso (Maine) is quite the dirt dog. He made an amazing dive and putout in the 2nd to catch the lead runner at 3rd.... A very daring play.
  • The only home run of the night belonged to Chatham's Chad Pinder (Virginia Tech), who popped one just over the right field wall. He went 2/4 with 2 RBIs on the night.
  • Is Chatham's Adam Engel (Louisville) the fastest man alive? I can't believe he's 6'2" and 213. I don't weigh much more than him and I certainly can't run that fast. He leads the league with 11 stolen bases.
  • The Hyannis bats lit up when they need to. Brandon Trinkwon (Santa Barbara) and Mitchell Garver (New Mexico) drove in 5 runs collectively.
  • I won a canal cruise and $25 to the Red Nun in the 50/50 raffle!