Trundy Out as Falmouth Skipper

by Dave B. in

When I posted on my twitter account last Friday that Jeff Trundy would not be brought back as manager of the Falmouth Commodores - although no official announcement had been made at that time - little did I realize what a firestorm was already raging over the termination of Trundy's tenure. Dan Donato, a former Falmouth player,  has been hired by General Manager Bob Clark to take the reins in the Commodores dugout next summer. Donato is the Associate Director of Admissions for Dexter School and is also the head baseball and hockey coach at the Brookline, MA. school. Donato and Clark are both graduates of Catholic Memorial HS in West Roxbury, MA. Johnny Magliozzi, a sophomore righthanded pitcher from Florida who played for the Commodores this summer, played for Donato at the Dexter School. 

Soon after the news broke that Trundy would not be back, I heard from a few people within the Falmouth organization. Those who emailed me or sent messages via twitter were all staunchly in Trundy's corner.

The sentiment from former Commodore players is direct and to the point with "Bring back Jeff Trundy" being the common refrain. Here are a few examples of recent tweets from players.  Jared King: "Bring back Trundy!  Best manager on the Cape."  Drew Dosch: "It's an absolute shame to let a coach like that go!" Max White "Trundy a great motivator and a great coach!" John Colella: "Coach Trundy is the @FalCommodores."

The message I am hearing from those who are close to the organization is even stronger. One of the main points of frustration with the situation is the claim that Clark made the decision to fire Trundy without approval of the Board of Directors. I'm told that, per the organization's bylaws, the President and G.M. can not hire or dismiss without approval of the Board of Directors.

I have also been told that there is an organizational meeting scheduled for this evening. One insider pointedly told me to expect the meeting to be a "bloodbath." Another told me that it is his hope that Clark is ousted from his position and that Trundy is re-hired. The majority opinion of those who have spoken to me is that although some folks would like to see that happen, it isn't likely. Stay tuned.

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