Treasures Found While Housecleaning

by Dave B.

    I was doing some housecleaning recently and came across some Cape Cod Baseball League items that had been packed away many years ago. These items weren't necessarily "lost," but let's just say it's amazing how much stuff a family can accumulate over the course of a few decades and three changes of location. Two of the items were actual game jerseys, both going back to the late 60's, early 70's. One is a gray Orleans Cardinals (now Firebirds) uniform top (number 15) with script "Orleans" across the front. The thing that always struck me as odd about this (and I do remember seeing the Bob Hansen-era Orleans teams wear these) is that the "Orleans," trim, and number are blue. Even as a young 'un, I was pretty sure there were no such things as blue cardinals flying around, so I never really understood the color choice. The other item is a white Falmouth jersey, probably from 1970-'72. This top has a fancy block "Falmouth" across the front. The color combo for the trim near the collar, down the front, and around the number "6" is green and yellow. The Commodores wore these back in the day when star players like Billy Almon and Paul Mitchell called Guv Fuller Field home. I always thought these unis were pretty cool and upon inspecting this recent find, I still like the look. When Falmouth was wearing these, Charles Finley had his Oakland A's teams decked out in predominantly green and gold. Because of that, I remember thinking it would have made a lot more sense for the Chatham A's (now Anglers) to wear this color combo.

    Since there is a very limited number of people who would be interested in CCBL memorabilia, I contacted a few folks who are presently involved with the CCBL and its Hall of Fame and asked if they would have any interest in these jerseys. That was more than a month ago and I did not get a response. That's okay. They now occupy an area in an office along with many other CCBL items. There are too many to list, and probably too few of you interested in this old stuff, but some memories came back when looking at team yearbooks from when the Bourne Canalmen played at Keith Field - yes, that tiny field located almost under the Sagamore Bridge was once home to a Cape League team - and the Yarmouth Indians who at one time called Simpkins Field (across from the state police barracks on Route 28) home.