A New Weekly Column from Codball

by Harrison Meyers

               Another season of Cape Cod Baseball is upon us, and Codball has a few new things in store for this season.  From a new column and a new contributor, its finally time to kick off the 2019 Cape Cod Baseball League season.  My name is Harrison Meyers and I am the new contributor on staff here at Codball, and I will be putting together a weekly column about the league, and life on the Cape.  There is so much to say about the Cape League that I wont get to it all every week but for this column we are going to break down all the best action, the implications for the teams, and name the Codball Players of the Week so even if you cant be on Cape to follow your favorite summer league you can follow Codball and not miss any of the action.

About the Author

               The 2019 Cape Cod Baseball League season marks my 14th season following the league full time.  My family and I have been traveling to the Cape for our annual vacation for over two decades now and it was in 2006 as a precocious nine-year-old I caught the baseball bug.  From that day on I was in love with the sport, and it would only be a few months later that I met my true first love, the Cape League.  There is something special about a Cape League game, for anyone who has gone to one you know exactly what I am talking about.  The feel of the wind as it whips off the water, the smell of salt in the air, and the lack of salesman hocking beer and peanuts in the stands are just a few things that make the Cape League different from your professional or even some college level games.  With this in mind it makes it easy to understand why a nine-year-old kid who loves baseball would fall in love with the way baseball is played in the sleepy towns and villages of the Cape.

               Following my introduction to the league I started following it full time, imagine the now 10-year-old me begging my mother to get onto our old desktop computer to check out scores and highlights from NCAA games to follow the guys who might make it to the cape.  That was me.  There is also a story of how I emailed Bill Bussiere – former Hyannis GM and current League bigwig - to find out if the Hyannis Mets (as they were known as the time) would take me if I went to a Division 2 school, but more on that later.  That was my life, even though I am not from the Cape I feel as if I grew up on the ballfields of the Cape, following my beloved Hyannis team up and down the Cape, pointing out every field along the way, and causing my parents an unknown amount of frustration by insisting that we always be at the game before the national anthem (sometimes a challenge when your driving from Hyannis to Wareham for a game on Friday night.  Now that I do this drive myself, I understand why we were late).

The Column

               My new column with Codball will come out once a week on Thursdays and serve as a weekly recap and primer for the big games over the week ahead.  I will highlight the games I am looking forward to in the new week, shout out the best players across the league and award them Codball Player of the Week honors, and do it all in about 600 words (ok, sometimes more).  Being just one person I cannot possibly cover everything there is to know about the Cape League and every story that comes up, but I will do my best to cover all of the big story lines and bring you the action from the field so if you can’t be on Cape you can still keep up to date with the help of your friends at Codball.  And while I am a devoted Harbor Hawk fan and have worked with the team for many years, I love all Cape League baseball and will tell each story as such without bias while giving my personal opinions on the matter (this is a blog after all).  The column currently remains nameless, so please reach out to me if you have an idea.

If you see or hear a story that you think should be covered, reach out to me at Harrison@codball.com, or tweet at me (@HyannisFaithful) or the blog itself (@Codball).  I am excited to get back onto the field and can’t wait for the first pitch of a new season, just hours from now as I am finishing this first post at slightly before noon on June 10th, the first day of the new season. 

This is going to be a great season, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you, hearing your stories, and continuing the old Cape League pastime of looking at the current crop of Cape Leaguers and trying to guess who the next big-league superstar is going to be. 

-Harrison Meyers